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I like to ask students whether their faith makes them bigger or smaller.  They almost always say “I never thought about that.

John Kiser

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Educational Reviews:

“Every Seminary should read this book”
Patrick Hart , Abbey of Gethsemani
“Next fall I will be teaching two sections of undergraduate courses, and your book is exactly the type of text I enjoy placing in the hands of my students”
Philip F. Riley , James Madison University
“Your book has had a profound impact on my life”
Sr. Alexandra Burghardt , Franciscan University
“Stunning, sympathetic, and thoroughly stylish”
Scott C. Alexander. Ph.D , Catholic Theological Union
“It was not only very informative but a deeply moving experience, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life”
Joseph T. Kelley, Ph.D, Merrimack College
“Coming out of the tragedy of September 11th, this book helped me truly understand the whole world of Islam”
Patrick Hart , Abbey of Gethsemani

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