2006 French Siloe Prize Winner


“This is a Muslim Christian love story wrapped in a horror story. Sadly, the story of the monks brings out what is missing in our efforts to understand the Muslim world: diversity, complexity, and shared values.”

John Kiser

“The Monks of Tibhirine gives us an essential lens through which to examine the violent forces rending the Muslim world… His book paints a surprising picture of the bonds of faith between Christians and Muslims, and provides a ray of hope for the future.”

Dan Morgan

“By Mr. Kiser’s own evidence, Muslims in general are not at war with the West in general, or Christianity in particular… What he does quite well is tell the story, at once sad and inspiring, of very good men who took their vocation seriously and died for it.”

Roger Kaplan

“This book is not the first written about the monks of Tibhirine. It is the first of this importance published in English, but it could well be the best among all those written in any language so far.”

Gilles Nicolas, Diocese of Algiers

“Every Seminary should read this book.”

Patrick Hart, Abbey of Gethsemane
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Trailer for Of Gods and Men from Sony Classics

Sony Classics brought the 2010 Cannes Grand Prix winner, “Of Gods and Men” to theaters across the United States in February 2011. Producer Xavier Beauvois and script writer Etienne Comar dramatically retell this true story, set in strife-torn Algeria during the 1990s, of a remote community of French Trappist monks who choose their friendship with Muslim neighbors over their own lives.


“We have just enough religion to hate each other but not enough to love each other.”

Jonathan Swift

John W Kiser
John W KiserAuthor

“Algeria’s Arab Spring of 1988 produced a horror story that has metastasized around the world. Yet, Algeria contained it’s cancer. To learn more, read Monks, Muslims & The Zeal of Bitterness.

John Kiser

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A follow-on book to the Monks of Tibhirine is now available. Commander of the Faithful: Life and Times of Emir Abd el-Kader (Monkfish Books) is the story of a Muslim monk (Sufi) who led the resistance against the French occupation of Algeria that began in 1830.